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When looking for the very best in area Tree Services,  including Tree Removal,  regardless of tree sizes, in all Greater Madison, Ridgeland, & Jackson, MS as well as all surrounding areas too,  please remember the outstanding values present at Corey Staten's Dependable Lawn and Tree Service;  at it for over 20 years, and recognized as tops in the area in all Tree Maintenance,  and Tree Removal.   Whether a tree that has grown dangerously close to your power lines,  or just experiencing the danger of rot, and decay - have it looked at;   Tree's really ought to be looked at if you have questions, and by a professional who knows the ropes.   Also, you don't want limbs to fall, when you don't have to, and other dangers exist besides.  Don't take chances in the area of Tree Services and Tree Removal when there is no reason for it.   Corey Staten's Dependable Lawn and Tree Service does for assessments and inspections of your trees  you may be weary of - it does cost a dime for peace of mind - but it may cost you plenty in regret if you let it go,  when you suspected there may be a problem.  Known as a person in the  community who gets calls when others have found it necessary to call in extra help, on particular difficult tree jobs.   You can trust Dependable Lawn and Tree Service to get the job done, no matter how difficult it may have become.   Of,  do you have a particularly large tree that must be taken down,  or maybe a tree that is also compounded with more than one problem.   Keep in  mind, trees are large, and you really do not want one to fall unless it is intended to fall.   And the best thing is that all consultation concerning your particular circumstances, with the quotes and estimates is all no-charge.    So there is nothing except a potentially dangerous situation.  The evaluation is FREE and that should permit you some peace of mind.     
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